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“Youth Inc.” Youth Entrepreneurship Program began the official activities in 2013 in partnership with “Coca-Cola” company, Ministry of Youth and Sport and the DVC organization, then, in 2015 the “Youth Inc.” Business Incubation Center was established. For years of vigorous activity of “Youth Inc.”, graduates of the Program have implemented 15 various business projects, 25 startups were supported and about 7 thousand young people participated in various seminars. The program is a member of the “JEUNE” and “INBIA” organizations. The program which is in the international cooperation with the American-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, “Global Shapers Community” is also the exclusive representative of the “Global Entrepreneurship Congress” in Azerbaijan.

Business Incubation center “Youth Inc.”, playing a special role in development of small and medium businesses, and also in growth of national economy, offers entrepreneurs corresponding infrastructure, finance and investments, network, training programs, unique services in branding categories along with office accessories and the space of 165 square meters provided for simultaneous work of 20 people. As well as startups of BIC “Youth Inc.” having got access to investors, move up to the following stage in business.

Being the Entrepreneurship Program “Youth Inc.”, we are ready to corporate cooperation with business sector in the following directions:

  • We are ready to offers of partnership on all Program;
  • We are ready to offers of partnership, an organization or sponsorship on certain projects, events and forums of the Program;
  • We are ready to offers of partnership on other directions and projects of the Program.

The “Coca-Cola” company supporting Entrepreneurship Program “Youth Inc.” for more than 4 years is the world leader in production of soft drinks. “Coca-Cola” is one of the most known and most expensive brands. The company produces more than 500 brand products, and the cost of 20 of them is higher than 1 billion US dollars.

We are ready to a corporate meeting for cooperation with your company, based on the principle of mutual respect. At a meeting we can provide details on other corporate offers of the program, and also the presentation on the offer directions. We look forward to hearing from you response to determine the date of the meeting.